Love it: Kérastase Paris Elixir Ultime BB Crème

In the beauty world it has seemed like its BB cream madness right now. Pretty much every brand has released a BB Cream, and as a beauty writer who often shuns foundation by day I feel the need to try them all! My key finding is that they most definitely are not created equal, with many thick and goopy in consistency whilst others feel like seriously watered down foundation. I found my favourites over time, and have even thrown some CC creams into the mix of late - the best ones are new ‘must haves’ for sure.
It comes as no surprise that the hair industry was going to hop on the BB bandwagon eventually too, with several key brands launching hair versions of the major multitasking beauty trend that they claim as “the first on the market”. I’m not qualified to comment on who exactly WAS the first to release a hair-focused BB, but the most luxe thus far must be the truly delicious Kérastase Paris Elixir Ultime BB Crème - a definite first for the French brand.
It is suitable for all hair types - love that! - and delivers the nutritional values of a hair oil in the soft, luscious consistency of a cream. It can be used daily for hair nourishment and protection and
Is a clever combo of two ingredients renowned for their regenerating and nourishing properties - Tahitian White Flower and pomegranate. The former is famous in the South Pacific for its soothing, repairing and hydrating properties found in its oil. It instantly nourishes the hair from root to tip, whilst pomegranate - famed for its super anti-oxidant properties - gives the beautifully blended crème a killer kick. Kérastase has cleverly incorporated the fruit’s extracts to protect hair against external influencers, preserve its colour vibrancy and increase its shine for a flawless finish. Add to that a UV filter to defend your tresses against sun damage and you have a definite haircare essential - and one of my new fave multitaskers. It can be applied as a pre-cleanse to prepare the hair before shampooing, as a leave-in conditioner applied pre blow-dry on damp hair, as a finishing touch on dry hair after blow wave, or at any time during the day when your hair needs a little love. I fell in love with at on first application, and think it will be definitely on high rotate come the warmer months when I’m less inclined to want to use an oil on my fine-but-thick locks.
Elixir Ultime BB Crème is available from all Kérastase salons right now with an RRP of $50.00. So what are you waiting for?


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