Love it: Weleda Refreshing Citrus Bath Milk

Yesterday I was all about starting the day right with a luscious shower blend… today I’m all about baths - long, warm, deliciously fragranced ones! The reason is Weleda’s Refreshing Citrus Bath Milk, which is a reason to keep soaking if ever there was one.
 Reportedly “religiously used by Simon Cowell” to unwind and refresh each day (don’t hold it against them!), this beautiful formula is bursting with essential oils extracted from Biodynamic Lemons from Sicily that give the milk its revitalising and enlivening citrusy fragrance.  Lemon naturally regulates the skin's pH balance, cools and stimulates the skin and has an astringent and cleansing effect, so as well as smelling good this does lots more besides.
Weleda Refreshing Citrus Bath Milk can also apparently be used as a refreshing pick-me-up at any time of the day by adding a few drops onto a moistened face flannel and either dabbing or wiping it gently over your face. I think this would be the perfect pick-me-up post-flight in particular - and a bath is always top of my list when I check into a hotel, no matter what time of day it is!
Weleda Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk has an RRP of $29.50 for a 200ml bottle and is in store now.


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