Love it: Good Green Stuff

Choosing supplements can be confusing – there are 1000s to choose from, so many brands, take once a day, twice a day, pill form, liquid form, gel or powder form… all with different claims of how they can help our bodies and brains function better, work faster and (fingers crossed) last us that much longer. How do we know that what we are taking is going to help us though - let alone be actually good for us?  
At the moment people seem to be mad for anything “green”, with almost every supplement company known to man offering a variation of “green powder,” which is basically a powder made with dried grass, dried grass juices or dried vegetables and occasionally, algae. Most of these powder are designed to make your body more alkaline and give you nutrition you can't find elsewhere, because despite our best intentions it’s often hard to stick to a flawless diet every day of our lives, and it’s nice to know there is someone out there watching our backs!
I found out about New Zealand made Good Green Stuff from Julia Matthews of the blog that she writes with her sister, and thus far I am loving it. Behind it is local naturopath and author Cliff Harvey, who formulated Good Green Stuff along with renowned Naturopath and Nutritionist Kira Sutherland. They like to call it “nutritional insurance”, and treat it as a green superfood that effectively replaces a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral as it’s super blend of all your essential nutrients in one place. Good Green Stuff comes in powder form and you can mix it just with water (the blend of fruits combined with added stevia, pineapple juice and vanilla mean it is pretty palatable), with milk or throw it in a smoothie - my favourite option. One of the best things about Good Green Stuff is that it is alkalising.  When your body is more acidic, it is more susceptible to disease and illness, and alkalising the body can help keep things in check. 
So... get your greens the easy way - you need this little baby in your life, so get to it! You can grab some here.


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