10 minutes with: Little Saturday’s Laura Mascelle

In the words of Little Saturday’s Laura Mascelle, “finding the right massage therapist is like finding the right hairdresser, the right yoga teacher… they just get you!  You can relax and trust them every time and more importantly feel fantastic when you leave.” Well I found Laura at Ponsonby’s Urban Ashram in Brown Street - where I visit the ‘right’ yoga teacher for me, the wonderful Nikki Ralston - and absolutely loved her style, her grace and her poise. And to say she gives a killer massage would be an understatement!
I decided to have a chat to her about what she does and what motivates her, and if you’re in the market for a great massage therapist then read on - Laura is one of the special ones indeed.

How long have you been working as a massage therapist?
I trained at Elite International as a beauty and massage therapist nearly 13 years ago – WOW that’s crazy where has 13 years gone?!

Has it always been your first love?
It’s been a love in disguise for me.  I didn't study beauty therapy because I wanted to be a massage therapist, I studied because I loved skincare and was fascinated with how the body worked.  When I started working I was always given great feedback from my massage clients and the love has grown from there. 

How would you describe your style of massage?
The standard routine is not good enough for me, most massages I've had just seem to go through the paces/movements, making it seem cold, impersonal and disappointing.  I really listen to my clients concerns and take note of their energy as soon as I meet them.  Overall I want them to feel deeply relaxed, calm and re-energised when they leave. That means spending every minute of the massage in tune with my client and putting the small touches together to create a warm, quiet environment, and giving the massage I would want to receive!

What kind of people come to you for massage?
I think there are two types of people who I see – irregular clients who are about to explode from stress and have booked a massage to save themselves, and regular clients who know and feel the benefits of massage and come regularly to maintain a healthy mind and body, I think we all want to be the regular client.

You mentioned to me that you would like to own a shop one day, what sort of shop?
Yes I am so excited and passionate about this. I created Little Saturday about 4 months ago now, and at the moment I am massaging and write a blog.  My dream is Little Saturday will be a boutique studio/store that will provide complete wellbeing workshops, massage, nutritionists and be stocked with inspirational health and wellbeing books, skincare, healthy food products – it will glow with what it represents; happiness, health, wellbeing and the little things.

I want to live there! How much do you charge?
$110 for 60 minutes or $160 for 90 minutes.

And last up, what is the best way of getting hold of you to book?
You can book directly through Urban Ashram or email me at littlesaturdaymassage@gmail.com


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