All about: Osmosis' magical Yellow Diamonds

When I interviewed Dr. Ben Johnson MD of Osmosis skincare a couple of years ago I came away with a head full of – often mindblowing – knowledge, a fabulous book telling me more (Transform Your Skin Naturally) and a bottle of Yellow Diamonds, the brand’s now legendary supplement.
Reportedly the capsule you need – three times a day – to dump toxins, burn fat and boost energy, they work to improve your blood circulation and are especially beneficial to those with high cholesterol, poor circulation, insomnia and migraines. Often called a “wonder pill”, Yellow Diamonds also curb your appetite by stabilizing blood sugar while allowing your adrenals to rest.
It does all of the above by combining a proprietary blend of beneficial nutrients that activate your cells to stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the fuel for our metabolism and all cellular activity. Yellow Diamonds take free fatty acids (fat) and converts them into energy while allowing your adrenals to rest. Think consistent, healthy energy without stressing the adrenals, which is pretty much how I started to feel about a week after I started popping the little devils all that time ago.
I recently started back on them and had forgotten how great they make me feel, and the little bit of an extra push they are giving me when I exercise. They definitely help with ‘chiselling the marble’, so to speak, and seem to be moving the ‘jiggly’ bits a lot faster than before I started popping them again. I’m taking two tablets once a day with food, but for an added boost and increased stamina during fitness training I have been taking another two capsules 30 minutes prior to exercise.
Some people are affected by a “niacin flush” and itching for around 15-30 minutes after taking them on an empty tummy this dissipates quickly, and am in love with how much extra energy they are giving me.
I’ve also recently learned the role that they can play in getting your skin glowing, which makes perfect sense. Our skin cells have a big job to do. And to do that job effectively, their energy levels have to be up for it. To create elastin and collagen - the secrets underlying beautiful skin - the cells have to be firing. Circulation in the skin is vital. Capillaries (small vein-like vessels) carry the food supplies to the skin and enhance collagen and elastin production - the support structures of the skin. They open and flush the nutrients feeding the skin, and if they aren’t in tip top shape it shows. Yellow Diamonds cause a catalyst (helping) effect to fire up the cells to generate ATP - energy currency that makes every cell more effective in its job. As you get older, cellular turnover gets slower. Yellow Diamonds help with natural exfoliation (from the inside!) giving cells the building blocks they need to keep cellular turnover at its peak. Magic stuff!
Okay, well that’s my rave over. Let’s just say they are highly recommended!


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