All about: the beautiful new YSL Baby Doll collection

I am a huge fan of YSL’s beauty releases, which over the past few years have been the perfect mix of classic Parisian chic and modern day edge. Their ad campaigns are amongst the sharpest in the beauty business as well, and I particularly love this shot of Cara Delevigne for the YSL Baby Doll collection (above), which hits New Zealand on July 22.
The brand new YSL Baby Doll Mascara is being released along with the Baby Doll Collection, and when some samples of the line up arrived on my desk yesterday I immediately got excited - it is beautiful. Just beautiful.
The mascara - known as Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll - is available in three shades and has a rubber bristle wand, which is definitely my preferred type. It is quite narrow but lengthens nicely and gives great separation. It gives a bit of volume but not too much (there’s that classic Parisian chic element creeping in) and from my wear so far there's no clumping and no flaking throughout the day. It feels good on the lashes - not dry or crunchy - and the next level gorgeousness of the packaging is an added bonus! The experts say to apply it in small successive strokes without pausing between applications, and so far so good.
Also in the small-but-perfectly-formed collection is a liquid eyeliner called Eyeliner Moire, in four shades that can be worn alone or even together. The Light Golden Brown is my favourite thus far, and is ideal for day or can be amped up for night.
Last up, there is a limited edition nail polish in the collection as well as a limited edition Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres, which is one of my most-used lip formulas and the answer for women who want it all when it comes to lip glosses/lipsticks and lip stains. Not exactly lipstick, not exactly gloss, and so much more than a simple lip stain, it has a soft, hydrating feel with a light glossy finish and an incredible wear time. It has none of the “drying out” factor common to so many lip stains, and has a super natural look whilst combining all the elements of a gloss, stain, and creamy lipstick into a single product. This hybrid has the long wear of a stain, the creaminess of a lipstick, and the shiny finish of a gloss, and is now available in the beautifully warm, deep pink Rose Baby Doll. I’m in heaven!


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