Why you need: GO Magnesium 1-A-Day

I’ve always been one of those lucky people who sleep like a baby no matter where I am or what the weather is doing, but last year stress hit my usual sleep pattern like a brick after I had surgery. To say the general anaesthetic didn’t help matters would be putting it mildly, and the five weeks of daily radiation therapy I started not long after simply threw my usual routine even more. Not ideal!
I was reluctant to take prescription sleeping tablets at first but realised they were a necessity for a short while, then a seriously wonderful product came across my desk that put those out to pasture for good: GO Healthy GO Magnesium 1-A-Day capsules.
Medical professionals reportedly often refer to Magnesium as the ‘miracle mineral’, and it was the one thing I saw handed out to participants mid-way through detox at Gwinganna lifestyle retreat so clearly gets the thumbs up from the alternative health community too. It is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies everyday, helping maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeping our heart rhythm steady, supporting a healthy immune system, and keeping our bones strong. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and metabolises energy – two factors that are key to feeling good.
But, like many nutrients, when the body is under stress due to poor dietary intake, alcohol, excessive exercise or stressful lifestyles we can become deficient. Add to that the fact that as we age our Magnesium requirements increase, and we can only get so many servings of dark, leafy, green vegetables, soy products, whole grains, nuts, bananas and beans crammed into the average 24 hours.
Enter the good work of GO Magnesium 1-A-Day, which is a high strength supplement that contains 500mg of elemental Magnesium per capsule. Sourced from seawater, this natural marine Magnesium contains no Magnesium oxide, giving it superior absorption to the body, as well as being gentle on the digestive tract. As it soothes muscle tension and tightness and supports relaxation both physically and mentally it’s the perfect half-an-hour-before-bed tonic for a great sleep,

To locate your nearest stockist visit, www.gohealthynz.co.nz or call a GO Medical herbalist and Naturopath on 0508 466 9327 


  1. lifepharmacy.co.nz is doing a great deal right now on the 1-A-Day.Two 60pks for $39 (usually $35 for one).


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