Love it: Dr. Hauschka's magic After-Sun Lotion

This long, hot summer I’ve been incredibly diligent about applying sunscreen, both to myself and pretty much anyone lucky enough to be within arm’s reach. There is nothing good about sunburn – and all of those people who claim, “but it just turns brown so what’s the problem?” are seriously kidding themselves.
We all slip up at some point though, even if it’s a band of red around a strap or the back of an ear, and damn it hurts (and usually, peels).
Even with the use of a sunscreen the skin can overheat and become irritated after a day in the sun as well, making it feel taut and dry and just not right. The weapon I’ve been using all summer – and a must in every bathroom cabinet or traveller’s bag - is Dr.Hauschka’s beautiful After-Sun Lotion A rich, ultra cooling lotion, it helps skin to recover and can help to prolong your tan after your holiday too. It has a lovely smooth and milky consistency that refreshes and makes it super easily absorbed, and with an ingredient list that includes carrot and rosehip as well as the moisture-rich extracts of ice plant and quince seed it is like a long, cool bath for the skin.
Particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, it is designed to be liberally applied to both the body and the face and can even be used as body lotion all the year round. Just gorgeous, wouldn’t be without it!


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