Love it: Jo Malone's limited edition Sugar & Spice collection

This March sees the always-wonderful Jo Malone unveil their latest limited edition collection – the delightfully named Sugar & Spice – in the form of a quintet inspired by “quintessential British pudding” flavours. It is the perfect follow up to 2011s Tea Fragrance Blends collection, and is the work of perfumer Christine Nagel of Mane, who spent time with the Jo Malone Creative Studio eating cake in Fortnum and Masons, Claridges and various other fine cake establishments to familiarise herself with the local sweet treats. A nice job if you can get it, huh?
The line up is: Redcurrant & Cream, Ginger Biscuit, Lemon Tart, Bitter Orange & Chocolate and Elderflower & Gooseberry, each as gorgeous as the next.
Redcurrant & Cream is inspired by summer puddings, and for Ginger Biscuit Nagel “wanted to recreate the equivalent deliciousness of a just baked biscuit enlivened with grated ginger. Texture was important in this fragrance; the sharp natural note of ginger is set against the sensation of a baked, crumbly biscuit.” Lemon Tart is sharp and fresh and so perfect for wearing right now, whilst Bitter Orange & Chocolate – my personal favourite – is warm and unusual, with chocolate lending a dark, powdery and creamy feel. Last but not least, Elderflower & Gooseberry was the ultimate challenge for Nagel, as "elderflower and gooseberry are two ingredients that do not exist in perfumery so I had to recreate these notes."
The message here is clearly in the vein of “let them eat cake!”, and I for one couldn’t agree more.
The Limited Edition Sugar & Spice collection arrives in store at Jo Malone mid-March.


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