Beauty news and giveaway: Blink Boutique Lash and Beauty Bar’s D curl lashes

We all secretly want gorgeous, fat and delicately curled lashes like Anouska here, so it’s great news that then lovelies at Blink Boutique Lash and Beauty Bar have just introduced B, C and now D curl lash extensions to their beauty menu!
Jess and her team of qualified lash technicians at 77 The Strand in Parnell know great lashes, and are doing a marvellous job of restoring faith in lash extensions after a few dodgy operators damaged the rep of one of beauty’s most transformative tools.
The Blink team use top quality, individual silk and synthetic blend lashes that come in many different lengths, curls and thicknesses depending on the look the client wants to achieve. Lash extensions, when applied by qualified technicians last for a full two weeks before an infill is required to replace any lashes that have naturally fallen out. Individual lashes are applied to your own lashes, not your eye lid so they’re very comfortable. The lashes ashes are applied one extension per lash, and are kept apart whilst drying so lashes don’t clump and dry together.
Their Individual Eyelash Extensions now also come in four curl types which lets the Blink lasses choose the curl type for you according to eye shape, personal preference and technician recommendation. Blink lash technicians primarily chose either B or C curl lashes, with the C curl lashes becoming increasingly the most popular lash type with the majority of their clients.
Very Dramatic Curl – AKA the ‘D’ Curl- has just been introduced to the salon and has been gaining popularity in USA and Australia. The D Curl is definitely not for those wanting a natural look as they are very curled and glamorous, and the Blink team envisages they will become popular with their slightly younger clientele, and clients who have had extensions on for a while and who want more!
Lash extensions of all curl levels can be worn as a one off for a special occasion and cost $150 for a full set, which take 90 minutes to apply. Should you wish to maintain your gorgeous new lashes, an infill is recommended once every 2 – 4 weeks, which takes 60 minutes and costs $60.
I have one full set of luscious lashes to give away to one very lucky wee reader. Just email me - - your name and contact details and you’re in the draw! Entries close Friday, February 22nd at 5pm.


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