Love it: the Bobbi Brown Pink & Red Collection

On counter right now, the Bobbi Brown Pink & Red Collection is one of the prettiest, most practical and infinitely wearable makeup offerings I’ve seen in a while. There is not one thing in there that you wouldn’t end up wearing to death, and quite possibly purchasing again and again!
With this collection, Bobbi Brown says that she “took an unconventional approach to the season’s traditional colour palette,” and that the new collection definitely is NOT about matching your lips, cheeks and nails (god forbid). To once again quote the inimitable Bobbi herself: “I love pink and red worn together – it’s a very modern mix (and perfect for Valentines’ Day)”. I couldn’t agree more!
I fell in love with Bobbi’s Creamy Matte Lip Color formula when it was first released, and think it’s the perfect mix of classic and thoroughly modern. Its shade offering is well edited and highly pigmented, and the new release for this collection – Hot (above, left), a true hot pink – is yet another one I’ve become addicted to. Just beautiful!
The collection also includes two nail shades that are great when worn together on alternate nails (or even as a chic French), two sheer lip glosses for the glossy girls out there and two Sheer Color Cheek Tints, which are as flattering as it gets and incredibly foolproof to apply.
So there you go – Bobbi does it again! Love this collection.


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