In love with: Clarins Limited Edition 3-Dot Liner

First things first – Happy New Year everyone! And here’s to a stellar 2013 free of the stresses and sadnesses that seemed to befall far too many people I know over the past one (myself included). New year, whole new bucketload of positivity – bring it on!
But back to beauty. Over the break I have had ample time to play with a plethora of new goodies, and to use them in a variety of circumstances – the beach, the pool, the party and the bbq with friends. One of the first I tried which I’ve completely fallen in love with is Clarins Limited Edition 3-Dot Liner  - oh why must you be Limited Edition! – which is part of the Ombre Mineral Colour Collection due for release in late February.
It’s a pretty damn revolutionary pen-like eyeliner that gives you longwearing results in quite an unusual way. It has a soft, three-pronged tip that glides easily between lashes drawing a precise line that is never messy or runny. In other words: a totally new way to apply liner. The very cool “trident” tip gives you precision control for an almost flaw-free effect, with the three prongs filling in the spaces between each lash, dot-by-dot, to accentuate eyes and add volume to lashes.
I feared this may be a total gimmick when I first spied it, but it actually works a treat! It is a good choice for those of us out there who don’t like wearing eyeliner at all but still want their lashes to look full and defined, or is the absolute cherry on the top if you like a dramatic eye like me. Pure genius!
The Limited Edition 3-Dot Liner will have an RRP of $51.00 and is available from February 25, 2013. Grab one I say… hell, grab two!


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