Beauty news: watching SANS go seriously global

Seeing Lucy Marr’s SANS brand name checked in the February issue of Allure magazine as a “next big breakthrough” for 2013 was a huge buzz for me. I have watched the beautiful collection of hair and body products being born and blossom into some serious beauty contenders, and to see them being acknowledged world wide – and in the pages of a major beauty bible – is just such a sweet thing.
If you haven’t heard of it before (shame on you!) Sans is pure, chemical-free and highly active new generation beauty at its best: a collection of products designed to renew the texture and appearance of your skin and hair that doesn’t harm the user or the environment. Unable to find products that were highly active but also pure and chemical-free, creator Lucy enlisted New Zealand’s top scientists to create a range of products unlike any other. Sans products use potent vitamin actives to repair, nourish and protect. These ingredients have been proven in rigorous scientific trials to actually change the appearance of skin and hair, helping it to recover from sun damage, skin pollutants and irritants. As I’m always ranting about, many ‘natural’ products today still contain sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, artificial dyes, artificial colours, artificial fragrances and parabens. Sans contains no artificial chemicals – only sustainably harvested, natural ingredients and organic wherever possible - and in line with the name (Sans is French for ‘without’), the collection is pure, clean and without any unnecessary or harmful ingredients, reducing your daily beauty regime to a concise selection of multi-functional, highly effective products. It even uses PETG for its packaging, a modern, safe and non-leaching form of plastic that is the most stable packaging material available today.
My favourites from the brand include the Activator 7 Body Oil (pictured), a reparative oil using active vitamin A to stimulate cell repair, increase collagen production and boost skin thickness and elasticity that is delicious, and guilt-free. The beautiful formulation hydrates and feels gently healing, as well as leaving not a trace of grease or residue on my skin post-shower and keeps my eczema at bay. Oh, and did I mention it smells good enough to eat, in a very unobtrusive way?
The second biggest buzz I got from reading the piece about Sans in Allure was that it named a “Body Serum” as being the product to watch, one that hasn’t been launched yet but that I am already seriously excited about. Want it now!


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