All about: the M.A.C Archie’s Girls collection

It appears that one of my childhood comic favourites - Archie - is one very busy man these days. Not only has he got a special four-issue story arc crossover with the Fox hit Glee coming up, but he’s also collaborated with the glorious M.A.C Cosmetics in the form of a new limited edition collection called “M.A.C Archie’s Girls.” 
As the name suggests, the products are based around the beauty looks of his love rivals: blonde girl-next-door Betty and glamorous brunette and sexpot Veronica.  The line up features products with fun colours and hearts inspired by the iconic blonde and brunette, who constantly fought to win the heart of Archie, star of the renowned comic book series.
It is not the first time M.A.C has paired with a comic publisher - they joined DC Comics for a line of Wonder Woman cosmetics and merchandise not too long ago – and the brand is the perfect fit with the genre in my humble opinion.

MAC Archie’s Girls had their big debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego back in July 2012 with Archie artist Dan Parent on hand at the M.A.C store there to demonstrate his art technique and do custom sketches for fans – how cool is that? You could also schedule an appointment with one of M.A.C’s makeup artists to get a Comic Con-inspired look, which must have lead to some seriously cool results.
But back to the line up of Archie’s Girls products, which are absolutely gorgeous. My favourites are definitely from Veronica’s collection, which features the beautiful ‘Spoiled Rich’ palette of four heavily pigmented, jewel-like tones. These are ideally matched with the Designer Purple Violet with Pearl Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner - covered with the cutest hearts – for an intense take on a smoky eye. Just gorgeous huh?
Archie’s Girls is on counter March 2013 so get saving your pennies now!


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