Beauty moment: Penny Sage designer Kate Megaw

The latest Penny Sage collection for Winter 13 is much like its creator, designer Kate Megaw – preternaturally smart, effortlessly cool and totally real. Called ‘Hey Moon’, it is packed to the brim with pieces that I saw, felt and immediately needed right now, including the Horizon Romper and Bixby top I’ve posted here. Too much pretty!
Designer Kate’s label Penny Sage has had various incarnations since launching in 2006 when the talented blonde first used the name for her final collection while studying design at Wanganui College of Design. The name comes from her mum's maiden name, "and I always had an obsession with the name Penny", she has said in the past. She first created a series of hand-knitted rompers and long socks that were picked up and sold through the heavenly Miss Crabb store, and then Kate went to work with designer Kristine Crabb; who has continued to act as a sort of mentor ever since.
She now creates all manner of beautiful things in the form of seasonal full collections, and I remain a huge fan of her style to this day. The whole latest shebang makes me want to – were money no object – own the lot, just to play dress ups daily and roll around in it like a snow-bellied kitten.
Needless to say, I wanted to know more about what makes Kate tick, and ran a few beauty questions by her…

What is your fave piece from the new collection, and why…
I'm especially excited about the Quantum Leap coat. The fabric is so beautiful; I think it could be my dream coat. Only a very limited number will be produced too, so it will be super special for whoever else might get one.

Are you a lipstick or eye makeup girl?
Eye makeup… but lipstick is fun too!

Do you spend a lot of time on 'beauty business' in the morning?
I have a very simple beauty routine that hasn't changed much in the last 10 years bar a few brands, so I've got it down in a mad rush. 

Do you have a favourite skincare or makeup brand?
I love Eve Lom cleanser, Liz Earle moisturiser, Mecca Cosmetica SPF 30+ and Nars tinted foundation.

What is your desert island product, the one you cannot live without?
Mecca Cosmetica SPF 30+!

Who cuts/styles your hair?
Carlos at Helmut.

What makes you feel beautiful - maybe red lipstick, a day at the beach, a vodka or two?
I feel best on the inside and outside after a good night’s beauty sleep!

You can see more of Penny Sage here.


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