Beauty news: big congratulations to M.A.C’s Amber D and Nicole T

When I was two thirds of the way through my five week long course of daily radiation therapy in September of last year, my mood was at an all time low. I was suffering from a combination of chronic tiredness and radiation burns, the latter of which made wearing 90 per cent of my wardrobe just not an option. I don’t think I’d ever felt less feminine, let alone remotely attractive.
Just when I was feeling at my most well, crap, I received a text from M.A.C New Zealand’s Senior Makeup Artist, Amber D, offering to look after our four year old for a night out AND give me a fabulous makeover in the process – I almost cried with joy! She came by and gave me the most fabulous Carine R.-style, deep brown smoky eye and sculpted cheeks, and my husband and I hit up a favourite restaurant with me beaming for the first time in a while.
Needless to say, the lady is an absolute treasure, so I was so damned excited to hear that she will be broadening her creative reach in offering creative direction, support, training and vision with a relocation to Sydney, Australia from March 2013 with the newly created role of Senior Artist – Oceania. And she’s done her time – she was first appointed to the role of M.A.C Senior Artist – New Zealand in 2006, and has worked providing makeup direction with New Zealand’s finest across the fashion, music, theatre, dance, ballet and film industries as well as working at various international Fashion Weeks including Milan, Paris, New York, Sydney & Tokyo. She’s also been a stellar interview subject over the years, and one of the nicest bloody people in the industry to boot.
Joining her will be the also fabulous M.A.C Australia Senior Artist Nicole T, who will also take on the new title of Senior Artist – Oceania. I was lucky enough to have lunch with the two of them at Café Sydney in April of last year, during a one hour long break from their frantic work backstage at MBFWA. The occasion was an interview for the latest issue of KAREN magazine and to say it was a joy and  honour would be an understatement.
Love these ladies to bits – congratulations all round!


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