Love: Primal Earth Natural Active Sensitive shave crème

I’ve always found most lady-centric shave foams/gels/crèmes to be a little below par when it comes to performance, or the ones that are half decent are overpriced and disappear within a few short weeks.
Needless to say I often go for the men’s variety, but even then I’m not that happy as the fragrance is often pretty damn overpowering.
Hurrah then for the arrival of Primal Earth’s Natural Active Sensitive shave crème, which has been designed for “his” and “hers” use and is a damn fine formula to boot!
All about taking care of his face and her legs, it lubricates, cleans and protects sensitive skin for a close soothing shave and contains no harsh chemicals. Mango and vanilla leave legs soft and sumptuous and faces smooth and supple, and it has been enriched with skin-conditioning Aloe Vera, Calendula, Harakeke and Plant Glucosides for an incredibly smooth shave. All of the plant extracts are wild-harvested in New Zealand and it is totally soap free – a bonus for sensitive, eczema-prone types like me.
This little marvel is a new ‘must have’ in both my bathroom cabinet and my travel bag, and you need so little to get a decent lather that I just know it will go a long way. Great stuff!


  1. I love this picture!


  2. Same!!! If only I looked that glamorous when I was shaving my legs... he he x


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