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I’m all about beauty tools that like to push the boundaries and make some pretty bold new moves, and the clever clogs at Remington never cease to amaze. They are always unleashing new takes on hair styling tools that make the mind boggle – and the follicles sing! – and the latest of are the goodies in the new Remington Hair Therapy Range.
From a keratin-infused ceramic styler introduced earlier this year, to the launch of two innovative new tools with either nutrient-rich Moroccan Argan Oil or Frizz Fighting Conditioners – the Hair Therapy line doesn’t just style but aims to restore your hair along with it. Elevating styling tools to the next dimension, the three stylers also pack in an exclusive Smart Sensor strip that automatically detects moisture levels to instantly adjust the temperature to your hair’s optimal heat setting, ensuring that hair is protected while styled. I told you – the mind boggles!
The Shine Therapy styler (pictured) was developed using 100 per cent organic Moroccan Argan Oil, delivering this deeply nourishing oil onto each strand as you style. Add to that the fact that the Smart Sensor ensures that hair is protected from extra heat stress and you have some seriously shiny locks.
Frizz Therapy would be my pick for today, with a blend of anti-frizz micro conditioners leaving each cuticle silky smooth to ensure your look remains frizz free – no matter what the weather!
Keratin Therapy is the choice for brittle, over-styled tresses that are stressed beyond repair. They infuse weary tresses with this natural occurring protein for stronger, fortified locks with reduced breakage, while the Smart Sensor ensures that the hair is protected from heat stress once again.
Does your hair fit into any of the profiles above? I know mine has dabbled in all three! These smart tools are available in store now, RRP $189.99.


  1. I'd like to try the frizz therapy straightners. i've just popped down to Farmers at St Lukes and the keratin straightnener is there but not the other 2 you mention here...can't wait to have a try!

  2. They were supposed to all be in store October 1... bummer! I've been using the shines ones and they are incredible : )


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