I try: Guinot Bioxygene Mousse cleanser

I love a beautiful cleanser – I always have a few on the go at any one time to use depending on my mood and how my skin feels – and the latest from Guinot is a real treat to use.
A new edition to the Bioxygene family, the famed French beauty house describes Bioxygene Mousse as a type of ‘oxygenating cleansing foam’ that removes make-up and pollution and oxygenates the skin in one simple step. I call it ‘damn gorgeous to use’, and the results start to show themselves after just a few days.
The carefully selected active ingredients of Bioxygene Mousse work in three simple stages. Firstly, the skin is thoroughly purified with the help of cottonseed oil, which rids the skin of pollution and make-up, whilst maintaining a healthy hydrolipidic film. Cottonseed oil is high in unsaponifiables, pro-vitamins and fatty acids, all of which provide healthy and comfortable skin. Secondly, cellular oxygenation is improved through the plan extract Pro-Oxygen. The active ingredient is particularly effective in stimulating the vital functions of skin cells and initiating cellular oxygenation to restore radiance to the skin. Thirdly and finally, Lotus extract softens the skin and also has anti-free radical and vein-toning properties. And despite the fact that it has a foaming action it doesn’t strip your skin at all, making it perfect for all skin types, and particularly effective for dull and dehydrated skin.
It can be used morning and evening, applied to damp skin and massaged in a little for a really luxurious treat. Rinse it off with warm water and watch your skin start to glow!


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