A chat with: INDAH founder and model Teisha Lowry

A couple of years ago when I first started this blog, one of the first beauty discoveries I wrote about was Indah skin and bodycare. Founded in Bali, Indah was created by Teisha Lowry (above), a Melbourne model and aromatherapist who was passionate about producing a 100 per cent natural and luxurious, but affordable range of skincare. She told me that Indah - meaning beautiful in Balinese - was "made with love", and a lot of thought went into every aspect of its creation.
Fast forward to 2012 and Teisha has produced a collection of absolutely beautiful products that work to nourish, invigorate and rehydrate your skin in the most natural way possible. Each product is free from chemical processing, preservatives and artificial fragrances and are handmade using herbs, spices, fruits and flowers picked on sustainable fair trade farms in Bali. Using the ancient traditions of Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic healing, each product has been meticulously designed to feed and balance the skin, and just reading the product description of each offering makes you want to try then, and NOW!
I spoke to Teisha about her favourite products and places and the ethos behind her beautiful brand…

It has been how many years now since INDAH began?
I founded INDAH after I read the book Eat, Pray, Love and went to find the medicine man in Bali in hope he’d give me the answers to healing my broken heart. I never found the medicine man but I accidently found a Balinese woman who taught me so much more about pure essential oils. I went off and studied business and returned to Bali and started my passion – INDAH, making pure products. After 5 years and a lot of study, INDAH has gone through some massive changes, but the biggest thus far is we’ve brought production to Australia and we’re obtaining our organic certification with the ACO.

Do you still split your time between Melbourne and Bali?
Not as much as I used to. I only need to go about twice per year to meet with our coconut oil facility, but things may change soon as I have a lot of plans in Indonesia and Asia.

What is your top beauty spot in both locations?
When I’m in Bali I like to visit my Ayurvedic doctor in Ubud, she gives me full Indian body massages and facials enriched with warm oils and medicinal herbs – all fresh from her garden. When I’m back home I like to treat myself, as I know exactly what my skin and body needs, only using pure ingredients.

What is your absolute favourite Indah product?
Virgin Coconut Oil, it’s my No.1 beauty secret. I have been using this miracle oil for years, it has worked wonders for my skin and it keeps my insides healthy too. It’s organic, affordable, smells delish, you can eat it and cook with it. It’s the base of all of my products, I use it so it carries the ingredients into the bloodstream where it can detoxify and help replenish and renew cells.

How do you develop new ones, with help from friends or experts, or all on your own?
I’m an Aromatherapist, I specialize in clinical nutrition and herbology; which I use to advance my knowledge in aroma and formulating and the effect it has on my mind and body. All of my formulas I design myself, they are based on my studies and research I have amassed over the years. I like to experiment a lot with raw materials and ingredients that are hardly used in conventional products. I find this is the point of difference between other organic beauty brands and INDAH.

What is the next release in the works?
There are a lot of collaborations coming up, I am working with new fashion designers and curating their signature scent. A few amazing NEW products that are very specialised and unique to the INDAH range…it’s all about working with and discovering pure ingredients and making them smell amazing – naturally of course!

How do you live healthily and consciously whilst working as a model and travelling a lot, is it hard?
I can’t eat plane food! If I do the person next to me is in trouble. When I get to my location I always Google or ask the locals for the closest health food stores, organic grocers and restaurants. No matter how tired I am I’ll make a trip and stock up on food and plan my meals for the day. Living this lifestyle you have to be organised, I’m blessed to have a great partner who is always cooking and preparing our meals. I always have soaked nuts, fruit, raw veges on standby when I’m on the road. It’s important for me not to skip a meal, if I do I’m super irritable. I will try and get a workout in everyday, if I can’t I do a lot of stretching, yoga and pilates.

Do you have a tip for keeping well and feeling good when you’re on planes or long shoots? 
I have one of everything from my range in my bag, because all the aromas suit different occasions and have different effects. Because I travel a lot and cannot stand flying, so my Lalu Travel Balm is always with me. I drink a lot of purified water and keep my coconut oil on standby to help give me energy; when I’m feeling low I just eat a tablespoon for an instant energy boost. It’s essential to keep hydrated on shoots and when travelling. I always carry a snack pack too, like soaked activated nuts, a boiled egg or I chew on some crispy bacon!

What makes you feel truly beautiful?
Everybody is beautiful in their own unique way, I am certainly lucky that I have a partner who tells me everyday that I am beautiful. I have a great group of friends and family that like to remind me that I am, I think people need to say it more and more to the ones they love. I was once in a toxic relationship and he use to tell me I was fat and I would never look like a model and I believed him and it affected me in a huge way - physically and emotionally, but I think you need to surround yourself with positive people that see the beauty inside of you and are a positive reinforcement. I couldn’t have made INDAH the amazing success it has been without all the amazing people in my life.


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