Love it: the extraordinary Redken Powder Refresh 01

When the wonderful Kate from Pead PR heard I loved a good dry shampoo, she sprung into action and recommended her absolute fave - Redken Powder Refresh 01 (sassy campaign image above). Kate is a petite dynamo who quite literally oozes glamour, so who was I to argue? I cracked straight in.
The verdict? Spectacular. This baby didn’t win a coveted Allure ‘Best Of’ early in its life for nothing - it seriously works.
Described by Redken as a ‘hair powder’, it transforms any style from day-old to amazing. It absorbs oil, extends the life of a blow dry, and instantly refreshes any style. As a bonus it can be used to correct product over-use, too, which gets the proverbial huge tick in my book.
And despite the fact that I’ve pretty much come become accustomed to the white residue powder that comes with the territory of using a dry shampoo when you’re (mostly) brunette, this one was different. There’s pretty much no white powder to contend with! Oh, and I’ve heard that it comes in a large and mini size, just in case you need some on the go. I’m going to track down some mini versions ASAP!
It definitely works best on hair that's not freshly shampooed, just shake well and then spray evenly onto hair; brushing through a minute or so later to remove any excess. Magic!


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