What a steal: Nivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion and Hand Cream

I applaud any mainstream skincare brand that makes a step towards the natural realm as it’s a scary prospect, especially when they have as many fans all over the globe as Nivea.
With over 100 years of skincare expertise under their belts they have indeed made the move however, using the finest natural ingredients they could find to create the Nivea Pure & Natural range, which now includes a new Body Lotion and Hand Cream.
Harnessing up to 95 per cent natural ingredients and free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils and artificial colourants, these two new formulations are absolutely delicious to use – and a total steal as they come with supermarket aisle price points.
The Pure & Natural Body Lotion has Argan Oil as a key ingredient and offers long-lasting comfort for your skin. Your skin will drink up the big dose of moisture after just one application, and it smells yummy too. The new Pure & Natural Hand Cream also has the antioxidant power of Argan Oil, and is a super handbag-friendly size as well as fast absorbing for application on the run.
These are both on shelf come October, so keep an eye out!


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