Beauty news: East Day Spa introduces Clarasonic and James Read Tan

I already spend up large in there on BLISS and Nature Girl products, and now East Day Spa have expanded their already stellar lineup of international beauty brands to include even more heavy hitters… God forbid!
Luxury beauty brands Clarasonic and James Read Tan are now available for the first time in New Zealand as part of East Day Spa’s growing selection of exclusive top of the line beauty products, to which I say a big fat “hurrah!”
Every local beauty freak I know has been hankering to get their hands on one, so the fact that Clarasonic has landed at East Day Spa will be huge news. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Clarasonic is a sonic skin cleansing system that helps reduce the signs of ageing by providing the equivalent of a mini facial every day, and it works. A favourite of the likes of Gwyenth P., the clever tool removes makeup six times better than ordinary cleansing, with the added benefits of softer skin, reduced pores and even skintone. In a word: you need it.
 James Read Tan was a name I didn’t know, but on further research it seems like pretty serious stuff. It’s is the signature brand of the UK’s leading tanning expert, James Read, whose clientele includes mega bodies like those belonging to Lady Gaga and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I’ve got some samples to have a play with and will report back soon, but everything online points to rave reviews.
East Day Spa founder Ina Baja says that her is for East to become a true beauty destination, “and we are working to bring to New Zealand the best that the international beauty market has to offer. In addition to receiving our luxurious spa treatments, East Day Spa patrons can browse and buy some of the world’s most coveted beauty brands.”
Both of these brands are also available at East Day Spa’s younger sister in Queenstown, Spring Foot Spa.


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