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A while ago I wrote in my Ponsonby News column about spending time with Rosanna Marks, the principal therapist at Mind Body Institute, which she opened at the West Lynn end of Richmond Road back in 2008. 
Fast forward to August 2012 and she is now firmly ensconced in a new location that she describes as “pure heaven”, at the top of Maidstone Street by Great North Road. Her business now goes by the name Aroha Healing, after a key programme within her realm of teaching that she believes truly sums up what she and her life’s work are all about.
A “facilitator of transformational processes”, working as a holistic therapist, Reiki master, belly dancer and advanced teacher of ancient philosophies, Rosanna practices the likes of mirimiri (traditional Maori massage), Hawaiian Ka Huna bodywork, Egyptian undulating heart breath, chakra balancing, kundalini massage techniques and organic facial therapy (with French skincare range Phyt’s), as well as Aroha Healing, which is a true fusion of her work. Internationally trained in many indigenous healing modalities, the vivacious therapist uses a fusion of ancient traditional practice combined with a modern twist. 
The new, two-level space on Maidstone Street is absolutely beautiful, and totally devoted to Aroha Healing. When we catch up for a cup of tea one cold morning the front treatment room is a cosy haven, and Rosanna still buzzing from the belly dancing class held the night before in a room upstairs. “It was amazing,” she says, “and so much fun. I’m planning to hold a class on Fridays soon as well as the demand has been overwhelming.” Having the new place completely to herself means that she can finally indulge in planning some of the classes and courses that she’s long been wanting to teach, “and as it’s all my own my clients don’t have the disruption of traffic noise and other people’s energy passing through and disturbing their treatments.”
Upcoming at Aroha Healing is a Tantra for Women workshop, which will encourage women to view their sexuality from a holistic point of view “as opposed to purely scientific, or what a magazine tells them. I’ll also be holding some non-residential Reiki and Reiki massage workshops, which people have been asking me to do for a while.”
All new Aroha Mama treatments and programs are also now available at Aroha Healing, which will be great news for mums, mums-to-be and those looking to conceive. They offer an array of natural fertility options and a variety of pregnancy relaxation massage and postpartum healing massages from many cultural influences, the perfect combination of ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. 
Rosanna says that she is passionate about the unique Aroha offerings for women seeking a nurturing, non-invasive and pure holistic approach from 'down to earth' therapists.  The Aroha Mama Fertility program combines unique and powerful ancient spiritual philosophies, holistic methodology, meditation, dynamic bodywork and dance with a modern, earthy twist to assist in increasing your chances of conceiving naturally without invasive intervention. Hawaiian Ka huna massage, Aroha Healing Miri miri creative floor work, Reiki energy healing, herbal consultations and fertility assisting herbs, healing mudras and meditation to release anxiety and focus your intention to conceive, whilst holistic nutritional advice and belly dance (the ancient spiritual dance of fertility and birthing) allow the systems of the body to swiftly unblock and clear the way both physically and mentally to support a more balanced and fertile you.
She is also still offering her full range of facial therapies, “but I want to really focus on de-cluttering the mind as well. I want to be able to move the energy through and really relax the mind for the hour that someone is receiving a facial, I think that’s really important.” She says that a lot of us spend so much time seeking treatments that massage and relax the body that we sometimes forget that there is a lot happening above our neck too, something I know I’m definitely guilty of!
Lastly, Rosanna will still be drawing on her previous career as a head trainer and artist for the likes of Chanel and Estee Lauder to create and teach makeup application, “but with a focus on self esteem and making the best of what you’ve got… as opposed to pure glamour and trying to look like someone else.”
Hallelujah to that, and hallelujah for Aroha Healing.
To find out more visit Rosanna's website:


  1. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have been seeing Rosanna at Aroha Healing for regular pregnancy massages and prior to that for her Aroha Healing fertility programme (which obviously worked!) I can't reccommend her highly enough - I'm always walking on air by the time I leave - she has a unique ability to heal not just your physical aches, but clear your mind and heal any emotional turmoil that might be going on too. All without being pushy or prying like some therapists do. She's even taught my partner how to give me the ultimate pregnancy massage - what a fantastic service to offer pregnant women!! Thanks Rosanna - you rock and you've made my pregnancy all the better for your wonderful skills and services. Plus I LOVE your new premises - it really is a wee slice of heaven in that treatment room :)


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