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They say that if you stay positive the universe will help out its own in times of need, and when I got a call inviting me to meet with acupuncturist Sam Corban the timing could not have been better.
I’d been feeling run down and in need of a tune up for a while, and have found that acupuncture can work real wonders when it comes to everything from back ache to sinusitis, to immune support and back again.
A TV producer in a past life, father of two Sam works out of a pristine clinic on the border of Grey Lynn and Westmere and spends a lot of time treating fertility issues and helping boost his client’s immunity. Sam worked in film production for many years but an interest in acupuncture arose after he himself was treated successfully by acupuncture for an injury. He was officially bitten by the bug and wanted to know more.
After graduating from the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, he established Sam Corban Acupuncture in 2006. He treats a wide variety of conditions in his clinic, and is currently working with the research team at North Shore Hospital on a study trialling acupuncture for pain relief in the emergency department. As well as a National Diploma in Acupuncture he holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology from the University of Auckland and is definitely a man who knows his stuff.
One area of acupuncture that he is really enjoying working in over the past year is cosmetic acupuncture, to which he takes quite a different approach to many others I’ve interviewed. To start with, he uses the Medik8 skincare range in conjunction with a derma-roller alongside his acupuncture needles for the majority of his facial treatments. “The standard treatment I recommend is cosmetic acupuncture with a shallow derma-roller,” he explains to me, “which helps absorb the serums I use with treatment. I can do a deeper derma-roller treatment if needed as well, but it’s better to start off gently for most skins.” A standard course of treatment is around six sessions long - one treatment per week for 6 weeks – and each treatment is $135.00. However if patients wish to pay for the course of treatment up front there is a 10 per cent discount off treatment making the total cost of $729, alongside materials. For smokers or people who have had a lot of UV related sun damage 8-10 treatments is recommended, but every skin is different and Sam likes to customise each treatment program accordingly.
The Medik8 skincare collection is super high performance and often known as the ‘Green Cosmeceutical’ brand as it is kind to the planet and able to be tolerated by even the most sensitive of skins. He also stocks a range I hadn’t heard of before called Patyka (pronounced Pa-ti-kah), from France. After a little research I discovered that it’s a cult classic Parisian beauty brand, and that Sam is stocking it exclusively here. It combines natural and organic ingredients with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies, and incorporates hundreds of rare botanical extracts and traditional herbal formulae, some of which date back more than 100 years (Patyka is Hungarian for apothecary).
Patyka’s line of organic skincare products are certified organic by ECOCERT, and the company strives to incorporate the finest organic ingredients, while paying attention to Fair Trade practices. The result is an organic range that looks gorgeous and feels luxurious, and the packaging would definitely do any bathroom cabinet proud! I love the sound of the Huile Absolue Serum, which is a bit of a multi tasker. A combination of 12 plant oils, it can be used as a makeup primer, a frizz tamer for hair, a cuticle healer or an after-shave serum as well as a killer boost for dehydrated skin. It can be used 2 to 3 time a week as special intensive mega dose of plant power delivered to your skin, or as a night restorative treatment. Although this serum is primarily designed as a face care treatment it is also ideal after shaving because of its healing and soothing properties, when travelling to sweep away the signs of jetlag, on nails and hair and pretty much anywhere that needs it. Very cool and perfect for getting skin through one rather cold winter! 
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