Beauty destination: Ecoya’s Woollahra, Sydney store

Creators and purveyors of all things exquisitely scented and unashamedly eco luxe, Ecoya have just opened their second Sydney store in two months, and what a beauty she is!
The new store is in Sydney’s Woollahra on opulent Queen Street and close to Paddington. It houses the complete Ecoya range, including everything from bodycare to the extensive range of soy wax candles. 
Renowned Sydney stylist Megan Morton designed the must-visit beauty destination; even installing a sensory “sniffing wall” so customers can experience the company’s amazing fragrances through hand crafted glass bell jars that were made especially for Ecoya by design duo Sarah K and Ben Blackebrough.
Hanging from the ceiling are flower-filled test tube chandeliers consisting of 180 test tubes, and the overall feel is one of warmth, beauty and luxury.
To celebrate the opening, Ecoya is offering a bespoke service with ‘Hilda’, a mould featuring a woman’s topless torso that stands at 46cm high.  Shoppers can select their favourite fragrances from the Ecoya collection and walk away with their own bespoke wax sculpture – reason alone to pay them a visit!
The ECOYA Woollahra Flagship store is located at 74 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney.


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