I try: M&R Essentials Repair Tonic

Following my surgery a couple of weeks ago I was on the lookout for a product that could aid with healing, but also not interfere with the medication I was on at the time. In the past I’d fallen back on good old Arnica, but over the past few years some interesting alternatives have also hit the shelves at the chemists and health stores in my neighbourhood.
M&R Essentials Repair Tonic is one which I’m trying right now, and is a pretty worthy contender. A special combination of homeopathic remedies that are an effective treatment to support the body, cells and organs recovery from pain, injury, and surgery to ensure a speedy recovery, it is easy to take (drops popped directly under the tongue, or diluted in water) and can be used on bubs and children too. 
It goes to work quickly to initiate the healing response and restore good health, and because it’s 100 per cent natural, it’s safe for everyone including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
M&R Essentials Repair Tonic stellar line up of ingredients includes:
Arnica - Promotes healing of all injuries.
Bellis Perennis (Daisy) - Goes to work quickly on deep tissue, and is the first ingredient to go to work after major surgery.
Calcium Phosphate - One of the most important tissue remedies and great for babies who are teething.
Chamomilla - helpful to relieve stiff or restless muscles and numbness.
Magnesium Phosphate - Known as the “Homeopathic Aspirin”, relieves spasmodic             pains, and teething problems in children.
Rhus Toxicodendron - May help those who wake with morning aches and pains.
Comfrey - Facilitates the healing of fractured bones.

As I said – one pretty serious contender, with all of the good stuff in there to help you heal.
For M&R Essentials Repair Tonic stockists or to buy online head to www.mandressentials.co.nz


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