What a steal: Weleda Iris Hydrating Day Cream

When it comes to natural skincare brands, they don't often come more honest than Weleda, a brand I have known and loved for many years now.
It's also an incredibly affordable brand that uses beautiful ingredients - another rarity!
So I was super excited to receive a sample of Weleda's rather delicious Iris Hydrating Day Cream, which is a rich and skin-rewarding day cream specially formulated to infuse parched skin with intensive hydration, whilst helping to regulate the skin’s own activity to balance its natural moisture levels.
The moisture regulating day cream is based on the stimulating and hydrating qualities of the precious Iris plant, which has the unique ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions, surviving in both desert and wetland areas. In line with the physical make up of this plant, the Iris extract, derived from the rhizome (root), first moisturises the outermost epidermal layer of the skin.  This process produces keratin, giving the skin resilience and melanin, thus assisting to protect the skin from sunlight. How amazing is that?
Included with this hero ingredient are mild jojoba oil, shea butter and coco butter. These work in synergy on the skin to soften, provide extra protection and strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier. Skin is left ultra hydrated and looking and feeling healthy, soft and supple!
Oh and now for the  “steal” part of this post - Weleda Iris Hydrating Day Cream has an insanely good RRP of just $26.90 for a 30ml tube… veritable daylight robbery, and no excuse not to try!
To locate your nearest stockist visit the Weleda website; www.weleda.co.nz


  1. Oh yes, I agree. Weleda are totally under rated. Such a beautiful brand. The products are scented beautifully, (naturally), and just feel so good on your skin. I love the Body wash. Creamy, cleansing, scented goodness. YUM!



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