Love it: Chanel Miroir Miroir and new Rouge Allure

Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup was never going to let a launch around the brand’s Rouge Allure line happen quietly. Instead, the modern beauty genius got to work creating yet another beautiful short film in celebration of the new high intensity formula and shades – ‘Miroir Miroir’.
He said, “I wanted to do a film, a teaser, to announce the forthcoming lipstick launch that Chanel is doing around our Rouge Allure line, and I also was very inspired by the Paris-Bombay show that we did last December.”
The end result sees model Inguna Butane wearing pieces of crystals and mirrors individually applied to her face in a look reminiscent of an editorial makeup that Philips did several years ago. “It was a composition of pieces of crystals and mirrors that I applied on a girl’s face. We did some amazing pictures, but I always felt a bit frustrated that we never captured this makeup in movement. I loved the sparkling, hypnotizing effect, which, unfortunately, you partially loose in a still image. When the idea of doing a film around the lipsticks and Paris-Bombay started growing in my head, I realised what a perfect opportunity it would be to recreate this mirror face. The concept complimented the shades and the hypnotizing, psychedelic aspect fitted well with the Indian theme.”
He kept the model’s eyes in the film almost naked, purely curling the lashes and then applying Ombre Essentielle “Ivory” and Crayon Khôl “Clair”. On the lips he applied new shades of Rouge Allure (hurrah!) like Pimpante (a beige), Enjouée (an orange), Exaltée (a pink) and Palpitante (a red).
The end result? Sheer gorgeousness as per. For Mademoiselle Chanel an intense vermillion red was her signature lip colour, and the new Rouge Allure range includes no less than six, which gets big thumbs up from me! A shade of red to suit every mood and every complexion… it doesn’t get much better than that!
The new collection of Rouge Allure shades is available September 2, 2012.


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