In praise of: Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick

Since they were first introduced, Dr. Hauschka’s Pure Care Cover Stick has been a staple in many women’s beauty booty. A personal favourite of Hauschka fan Naomi Watts (Rose Body Oil being her other essential, pictured right) and the first Hauschka product that I ever purchased, Pure Care Cover Sticks are a godsend on abad skin day when a double whammy – care and cover – is what’s needed.
Now available in three shades, they work best when used at the first sign of a pimple and applied several times per day to the affected area and gently blended. The faster a pimple is healed the less likelihood of scarring, so a product like this is essential to have on hand when one strikes – which be honest, is usually at the most inopportune moment!
They are created using the highest quality ingredients like anti-bacterial Manuka and Tea Tree oils and extracts of Anthyllis and Calendula to support the healing process. Tapioca Starch extracted from the roots of the cassava plant is also in there to help control shine and absorb from the pimple, whilst the smooth base made from natural waxes provides optimal care for the skin, preventing it from drying out and consequently, becoming more active.
A winner all round really – have you got yours yet?


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