I try: Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum

After a barrage of tests I was recently diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency – thank you very much, crappy New Zealand summer! – and subsequently found out how prevalent it really is. It can seriously dangerous too, so I for one am all about chasing some sunshine.
With Vitamin D deficiency on the rise, I found it rather interesting that the esteemed Dr. Dennis Gross was addressing the problem in a skincare sense with his Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil. The clever formula is the first-ever product to include active Vitamin D to help with symptoms of deficiency, and as a large added bonus, Vitamin D also has cosmetic benefits such as skin hydration, skin radiance, anti-aging, and helps hyper-pigmentation.
However, in order for the body to synthesize Vitamin D, it must be converted from UVB sun exposure or through supplementation and/or a Vitamin D-rich diet. Therefore, this product is truly the first and only skincare serum-oil that provides sufficient levels of Vitamin D to skin through topical application. In short, your skin receives all the sun's "good" without any of the "bad!"
Packed with Vitamin D and other reparative antioxidants and botanicals, it helps improve the appearance of skin elasticity, hydration and minimises the appearance of pores—all immediately visible upon application.
So who is this wee goodie for? Anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance radiance and luminosity, alleviate dry, flaky skin and help reverse the visible effects of past damage through the nourishing (healing) benefits of Vitamin D. In short, it’s great for all skin types and ages, including combination/oily.
Available Down Under at Mecca Cosmetica – AKA my happy place – it is seriously easy to use and to add to an existing skincare regime. Just give the bottle a good shake and then massage 2-3 drops into the face, neck and décolleté. You can use it morning and/or night, and if you’re on the good Doctor’s skincare regime already use it after the Alpha Beta Peel and follow with moisturiser by night and moisturiser and makeup in the morning. Easy as that!
Now, to plan that tropical mid-winter break… 


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