Love: NIVEA and NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Protect Deodorant range

I read an article last week in an international fashion and beauty mag about the latest area of “concern” for masses of women – the armpits! It detailed a number of spa treatments and cosmetic enhancements being performed around the UK and Europe on numerous pits, and the huge amount of money some women will spend to keep them looking good.
At the time I thought the whole thing completely insane – not to mention wildly high maintenance – but since then I’ve talked to more than a few women that do stress out about that area of their body, as well as having some seriously sensitivity there.
Not long after I was invited to a lunch to celebrate the release of Nivea’s new Sensitive Protect Deodorant range, which offers a super gentle yet effective formula specifically designed for sensitive skin sufferers. Nivea have been in the business of creating mild and effective deodorants for about 20 years now, so they most definitely know what they are doing!
The new range, available for both women and men, is free from alcohol, colourants and preservatives – common causes of skin irritations in the underarm area - so now you can kiss uncomfortable burning, rashes and irritations goodbye while being safe in the knowledge that you have  48-hour anti-perspirant protection.
The formulas in the range also contain rich and nutritious avocado oil – an ingredient NIVEA has used since launching its first deodorant in 1991. The oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, not only helps improve hydration but makes underarm skin feel smoother and silkier. There is also chamomile extract - well-known for its anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties – and the new range features two female and two male deodorants in aerosol or roll-on with zero fragrance. 
So if you’ve got sensitive pits or just want to care for them a little better, then I highly recommend that you check these beauties out.


  1. Two of my three daughters have sensitive armpits and I have found in the past that Nivea's range of deodorants have always been of use. What my girls react to is the alcohol content of some deodorants, so I just make sure that there is no alcohol in the ingredients. There are a couple of ranges aound that fit the bill, Nivea as I said before and Dove is another one.
    Thanks for the info!


  2. Great to have feedback Nicole! I'm an eczema sufferer myself so know how they feel, I have to be so careful to avoid anything with alcohol in the mix.


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