I try: Davines rather beautiful Naturaltech Line

I first came into contact with all natural, unashamedly chic Italian haircare company Davines a few years ago, and was immediately impressed by the performance and the sheer yumminess of their products.
Davines’ “Sustainable Beauty” philosophy is not just a buzz word either, but all about creating a harmony between Nature, Mankind and Technology. The official words is that “harmony between these elements gives rise to a profound wisdom in the use of resources, a sensitivity towards true human needs, and the ability to combine performance and wellbeing through innovation and the search for solutions that are increasingly more connected to the natural world….” Which I think sounds just lovely, thank you very much!
The pinnacle of this modus operandi is the brand’s Naturaltech collection, a complete program of curative solutions for all hair and scalp problems that brings together great formulas inspired by nature that take the client on a true wellbeing journey.
And they smell in-credible due to some truly inspired essential oil blends that are tailored to each hair problem that needs to be addressed.
The 80 per cent organic line is divided into several categories, each of which has a corresponding scent and beautiful illustration that makes it totally unique. They are:
The Nourishing line for Dry and Chemically Treated Hair
The Purifying line for Scalp with Dandruff
The Detoxifying line to Detoxify Hair & Scalp
The Rebalancing line for Excessive Sebum
The Well Being line for all hair types
The line’s beautifully crafted packaging draws inspiration from ancient pharmacy, with amber colour bottles in light plastic or glass to ensure product preservation whilst minimising environmental impact. Even the boxes, - in FSC certified recycled paper, and free from glue, paint and ink - are highly biodegradable and totally in line with the company’s sustainability concept.
When it comes to nourishing and health distressed or inflamed hair and scalp, these powerful hair care products from Davines are just what the doctor ordered. For treating hair that’s been overexposed to salon treatments or the sun, to the scalp afflicted with dandruff, this array of healthful hair care products is an absolute treat to use.
And if you want the full Naturaltech experience then I suggest that you head into your nearest Davines salon for a treatment. I experienced one at the very healing hands of Lisa at D&M in Ponsonby, Auckland and left with hair that quite literally glowed with good health (and a killer blow wave!). It’s a great way to get the perfect prescription for your hair type too, and the best way ever to while away 90 minutes that I’ve experienced in a while!


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