I try: BMW and Ecoya’s delicious sensorial overload

To celebrate the launch of the all-new BMW 3 Series, BMW and Ecoya have joined forces to experiment with what completes the “ultimate driving experience”. For me this must include a road trip, some great sounds and a seriously fabulous vehicle, and that’s what I was lucky enough to experience a couple of weekends ago when they lent me a rather sassy-looking 3 Series to take for a whirl.
A sexy beast if ever I saw one, the BMW 3 Series was recently voted best family car in the Women’s World Car of the Year Awards 2012 and is available as a Modern, Sport and Luxury vehicle. I had my hot little hands wrapped around the steering wheel of a Sport, and took her away for a couple of days to play with Ecoya’s role in the collaboration – adding a suitable fragrance to fit your mood.
BMW and Ecoya are exploring the idea that your car is your private room in motion, where you mentally prepare or unwind before reaching your next destination. The two luxury brands selected three fragrances to enhance the new BMW 3 Series driving experience - Lemongrass & Ginger to energise, Vanilla Bean to calm and Lotus Flower for balance and clarity – and popped them in my glove box to spray at will. Each fragrance can be used to create a different driving mindset, and my first choice was my favourite Ecoya offering – Vanilla Bean – which I sprayed liberally around my BMW before hitting the road.
The end result? A car that smelled as good as quality home baking, and the best few days on the road I have spent in a long time! Loved it from beginning to end and found it very hard to hand over the keys to my new baby after five days of pure heaven.
In my humble opinion Ecoya need to develop some in car fragrances stat... and I need to get myself a 3 Series to go with them!


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