In love with: Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid makeup

“See no makeup, feel no makeup”
This is the tagline that accompanies Estee Lauder’s brand new Invisible Fluid makeup, and it’s SO in line with the way I like to approach my foundation during the day. Who doesn’t want to look just like themselves, but a totally polished version?
It's no secret that technology is the key player in the beauty industry these days, and “foundation creation” plays a key role in that. New advancements yield super-charged formulas for women who are a pristine complexion, and all too often the aforementioned consumers go through bottles and bottles of foundation before settling on one that may or may not actually even be The One. Maybe the colour just isn't quite right, or maybe it transforms into a hot mess once it hits the skin, or perhaps it just doesn’t last the way you want it to.
When it comes to the newie from Lauder though, the proof really is in the technology. It is seriously WOW. Utilizing the power of “IntuiTone” technology - a first-of-its-kind innovation that promises a perfect colour match for every skin tone and every ethnicity - it is like an amazingly flawless veil that mimics the natural beauty of a fresh, bare face, yet also provides necessary coverage to areas that need it most.
The science behind it talks a lot about micronized particles and optics, which allows the skin's natural undertones to stand out – and that itself is the secret to the incredible finish. It works in harmony with the skin's undertones instead of merely sitting on top of it, and feels completely weightless as it is an air-infused formula that can be built up for greater coverage and still maintain its soft, natural appearance. It’s also oil - and alcohol-free and available in a whopping 16 shades, which means there pretty much is something for everyone in there.
But enough raving from me… go out an get one damn it!


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