I try: M.A.C Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

I’d heard about M.A.C’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator when it was first released as part of the Style Black collection, which included two pieces of limited edition skincare in the form of the former and the much-loved Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. It was first launched back in 2008 though, and has just made another comeback as part of the Heavenly Creature line.
The re-released Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is slightly different than the original in a few key ways, though the product still feels, smells, and does the same as the original version did.  This release of Volcanic Ash Exfoliator uses both sugar (sucrose, specifically) and silica for exfoliating, whereas the original release only used sugar. It’s also now in a tube rather than in a tub, which makes for less mess and more portability by far.
As an exfoliator it’s fairly gentle, which I love. It can easily be used once or twice a week even on more sensitive skins, and has an earthy, ashy smell that I don’t mind at all and is just kind of the scent I’d expect from it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, and even lends a bit of a glow – bonus! 
And as an extra tip: it’s gentle enough to be used on lips in my opinion, which is perfect when it’s cold and you’ve got a deep dark red to slick on! If you haven’t tried this gem from M.A.C then I highly suggest that you do – it’s on counter from July 16 for six weeks.


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