I try: GO Anti Wrinkle Collagen Support

I’ve always believed that you most definitely are what you eat, but that sometimes we need a little extra help in that department when we aren’t giving ourselves quite enough love. I try and moderate my alcohol intake, keep up the green juices and stay as clean and lean as possible, but sometimes an extra pinot noir and one too many coffees creeps in there, and a few healthy meals slip out.
One of the first places to show deficiencies in your bod is your skin, and as we get older that becomes all the more pronounced. I love discovering new supplements that are targeting the skin directly too, and the latest I’ve found is GO Anti Wrinkle Collagen Support.
Containing the clinically studied Collactive natural Marine Collagen, it’s a one-three a day capsule that helps support younger looking skin from the inside out.  In a clinical study of 44 women aged over 40 years of age, results showed a significant decrease of 19 per cent in the appearance of deep wrinkles for 71 per cent of subjects after just 28 days. That’s pretty impressive huh? It’s also ridiculously easy to take and easily digestible due to being in the form of a VegeCap, which provides optimum absorption of the ingredients included.
A tip from the creators is to take GO Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Support before bedtime. The emptier your stomach the better as in the first 45-90 minutes of sleep your body goes into alpha sleep mode which is the perfect time for your body to use the collagen to its optimum level. Too easy!
GO also have a great high-potency internal supplement that is packed with a specific blend of high strength ingredients designed to support healthy hair, skin and nails, which I highly recommend too. It’s called Hair Skin Nails Beauty Support – it’s all about calling a spade a spade here! – and includes high potency Silica, Horsetail and Biotin along with power-packed collagen. Good stuff.
To locate your nearest stockist visit www.gohealthy.nz.co.nz.


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