Beauty news: Living Nature celebrates 25 years au natrel

One of the first “natural” beauty brands I ever came into contact with many years ago, this month sees Living Nature celebrates 25 years of ageless fabulousness – with one eye on the planet the whole time.
When I first heard about its innovative and high performance, all good collection I was shocked to hear that it was created right here on our fair shores, and I’m proud to report that it still is. And while theirs is a story of sustainable innovation and a holistic and transparent approach to growth, it is also the story of products that quite simply, work.
From the cottage industry founded by natural skincare pioneer Suzanne Hall in 1987 - when creams were hand stirred in her kitchen - Living Nature has progressed to become world leader in natural beauty innovation but remains honest, safe and authentic… and still based in the Far North town of Kerikeri!
It’s also still created in the original Kerikeri facility that Suzanne moved into after she outgrew her kitchen bench, which uses only carbon-neutral hydro, wind energy, and filtered rainwater. Living Nature’s uncompromising standards have gained them international attention, even earning natural certification from BDIH Germany (the world’s strictest certification body) and champion status in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. The fully recyclable packaging is free from harmful phthalates and Bisphenol-A (BPA), while the formulas harness the bioactive power of New Zealand’s native plants to nourish, purify and heal skin.
To celebrate this impressive 25-year milestone, Living Nature has launched the Ultra Rich Body Cream that I recently reviewed – and highly recommended! The luxurious little number - packed with extreme nourishing properties - represents the accumulation of Living Nature’s 25 years of expertise, as an ideal complete treat for body beautiful, with an ethos of 100% natural.
Happy birthday Living Nature, and here’s to another 25 years!


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