Love it: new from Kevin Murphy, FULL.AGAIN

I confess to being a huge fan of Australian super stylist Kevin Murphy and his simply beautiful hair products, so it’s no surprise that I’m already in love with his latest and greatest release: FULL.AGAIN.
Not to be confused with a volumiser, this pretty puppy is a thickening lotion in the form of a weightless cream featuring rayon particles and moisturisers. Formulated for fine to medium hair, the rayon fibres adhere to natural keratin particles on hair, resulting in greater volume and thickness. How exactly? Well, these clever fibres pretty much create an invisible, thickened surface to make fine hair look and act like thick hair, while still allowing for natural movement and body, without tackiness. Meanwhile, the product’s other ingredients remove toxins from the hair while sealing in moisture, for a soft, silky, thick-looking finish.
Aside from thickening agents, FULL.AGAIN includes natural ingredients for hair health and moisture including: elemi, an essential oil which treats and heals damaged hair; amyris oil, which removes toxins from the hair and is known to have anti-aging and anti-stress properties; and sandalwood oil, a powerful moisturizer for hair and scalp. In addition, lime extract cleanses hair and removes excess oils, while beeswax seals in moisture and protects hair. Too good!
To use, apply to the ends and mid-lengths of damp hair before styling and watch it do its work. And never fear – the lotion washes out completely to avoid any possibility of damage from build up.


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