Bringing out the big guns: Louise Gray Skin Care

There are some major innovations hitting the beauty marketplace of late, many of which are seriously hi tech and eliciting some amazing results in the area of anti-ageing. Previously only available to the rich and famous, some of the best new tools are now within reach of the average person, and are often well worth a go if you’re considering a major overhaul of your skin. I for one am in love with the marvellous little beast at Louise Gray Skin Care known as the bt-nano. I’ve been having a course of ½ hour treatments with this tiny wonder at the Ponsonby Road beauty spot and have to say that the effects - as well as the science behind it – have me convinced that it really can make a serious difference to the skin. So - what is it? And how does it work? The human skin gives the ideal bio network from which to create a metaphor for living in equilibrium. Maintaining proper barrier function of the skin is a bit like running a business, a household, an educational facility, and homeland security all at once. The interdependent and interrelated parts need cultivation, nourishment, discipline, investment, and protection. If one component is out of balance, it affects all other systems. If the skin is not fed properly, given adequate protection, or in general is neglected, we surely recognize the signs, and do what it takes to restore balance and re-establish skin health. The solution to staying in balance is maintenance and meeting your skin’s changing needs, and Louise Gray believes that you can do both with the aid of the bt-nano. The bt-nano utilises microcurrent, which is an extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. bt-nano's microcurrent acts as an external source of energy that the body can use to accelerate, and is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin. It utilises technologies developed in the medical and physiotherapy fields to activate the skin's natural chemicals responsible for health and vitality, and can do all many of good for all types of skins. A microcurrent treatment can be used to improve muscle tone in face and neck, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial circulation, lymphatic drainage, product penetration, and much more, all in just a half an hour appointment once or twice a week. Clinical studies have shown that after twenty days of treatment collagen production increases by 14 per cent, elastin increases by 48 per cent, and blood circulation increases by 38 per cent, which is definitely no mean feat! Because everyone’s skin is unique, the skin magicians (and I don’t use that term lightly) at Louise Gray Skin Care incorporate the non-invasive microcurrent methods using the bt-nano with Dermalogica skincare products to enhance your overall wellness. These facial treatments are completely customised for your skin type and skin condition, and each time I’ve visited I’ve experienced a very different line up of add ons depending on what my skin’s needs are on that particular day. I’ve tried them as part of a one-hour facial and as ½ hour “drop in”-style treatments, depending on how much time I’ve got to invest in my skin that week. As I write this I’m on treatment number five and have to say that my skin is looking pretty transformed and feeling super hydrated – and a time of seasonal change when I usually experience the most dryness and sensitivity. Incredible stuff, and highly recommended.


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