In love with: the new Karen Murrell lipstick collection

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of sitting down for a coffee with New Zealand’s Natural Lipstick Queen, AKA the lovely Karen Murrell.
After launching her eponymous skincare range a couple of years ago she decided to solely concentrate on her first love – the essential tool known as lipstick – and expanded on her original offering of five classic shades with the arrival or four scorchingly hot new hues. The four new colours compliment her already internationally successful colour palette, and I was excited to hear that she will be launching several more before the year is out.
The new babies are Carnation Mist (a beautiful, soft rose petal pink), Fuschia Shock (a head turning hot pink), Coral Dawn (an on trend tangerine) and Sand Storm, a sandy nude that Murrell calls with a laugh her “totally Kardashian shade”. Each is rich in natural high pigment which I love, is long wearing, and won’t feather. Karen adds that “to apply the brighter shades to your lips, use your fingers to press in the colour. The heat of your fingers fixes the pigment and creates a more natural finish,” a technique I often employ that is a total winner!
Hailed as ‘vegetarian lipsticks’, the range has no animal based materials or testing and uses ingredients like
Avocado Oil to provide moisture, nourishment and hydration, and cinnamon to plump. Oh and last but by no means least, each lippy canister is housed in a 100 per cent recyclable and renewable box made from New Zealand trees and includes soya ink based print. And even the canisters are biodegradable – once buried, they compost and return to mother earth within 100 days!
To locate your nearest stockist of this beautiful new collection, head here or call toll free 0508 600 400.


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