Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love it: Picture perfect curls from Remington

Just prior to New Zealand Fashion Week 11 I was lucky enough to be invited to an – as always – delicious brunch at Mollie’s boutique hotel, this time by the Remington team. Their events are always worth a “yes” as they without fail have some exciting new tools to show and tell about that get me all excited about using on my hair.
This particular morning was no exception, with a plethora of goodies being rolled out, one more innovative than the next. The one that really took my eye had the very cute name of Perfect Curls, and looks set to be my go-to tool for this coming summer.
I’ve always been a bit of a dunce when it comes to using tools on my hair for anything other tan straightening, mainly because I lack the coordination skills and have a ridiculous amount of hair. When I chopped it off to my shoulders I thought I’d get a little better at wielding an iron but alas, no! Perfect Curls however, is pretty damn near foolproof – the fool in question being myself!
Its innovative form and application is unlike any other styler on the market and is set to send waves through the beauty industry. It essentially takes all the guesswork out of styling due to some very clever features. What makes this tool unique is its protective heat-resistant casing over a conventional curling barrel. This not only ensures that burns and scalds are a thing of the past, but with a spiral path to guide your hair, it creates perfect cascading curls, time after time.
Simply clip hair into place and wind the tong up – the styler guides hair around the barrel of the tong. Let the styler work its magic for 5 to 10 seconds and voilà, you’ll have picture perfect curls – quite literally - without any fuss at all.
To ensure smooth and glossy results, the styler’s barrel features a ceramic infused coating to keep curls moisturised and frizz free, while a fast heat up time of just 30 seconds means you’re ready to style in next to no time. Magic!
I’d use a heat protecting spray with this little goodie myself, and give the curls a good brush out and a mess at the end to achieve a look akin to the lovely’s Elle’s, above. Great summer hair, here I come!
Remington Perfect Curls is available mid-October 11 and comes with the ridiculously low RRP of NZD $79.95.

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