Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I try: ModelCo’s magical Turbo Lash Wand

I’ve been a fan of the ModelCo brand for many a year now, and am constantly amazed at the fact that they seem to meet almost every beauty demand with the perfect product and/or tool. They are a brand that’s gone far with good reason, and I defy you not to find at least one of their creations in pretty much every woman’s bathroom and/or handbag.
Plus, they like to bring their ‘A’ game to the beauty business whenever they can, creating new must haves and constantly reinventing that which is already on offer.
So... it comes as no surprise that after seven years of being one of ModelCo's most popular products, the Turbo Lash Wand has undergone one hell of a makeover… The revamped heated lash curler now has a higher-powered superior heating mechanism, a hot new pink look and added features that help shape lashes without breaking them – magic!
And now for the details: this baby has a double-heating coil that reaches 60 degrees instead of 40 and curls at the root of the lash as well as mid-way, as well as having an ergonomic design that fits easily in your hand and is travel-friendly due to being battery operated. The application process is also incredibly easy: just apply your mascara and then straight after turn on the wand and wait 60 seconds for it to heat up. Next hold ModelCo’s LashWand curler to the base of your eyelashes and proceed to curl from root to tip holding the curler on your lashes between 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat on adjacent eyelashes and then turn of the device. You can also use the inbuilt eyelash comb to comb through and separate your lashes if need be. Lastly, give it a quick clean and then store in a safe place.
Too easy? When I get lashes akin to those above, I prefer “too good”!

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