Getting ahead of the action this Spring

Each Spring I get a multitude of annoying afflictions due to my propensity for picking up just about every allergy known to man and running with it, and year round I suffer from the likes of eczema and hayfever. Lately I’ve been looking at whole new ways to treat the latter, and arming myself well before Spring hit.
The latest technology to support your immune system when it’s under attack from spring allergens is Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) or “immune balancers”. PRPs are very small proteins called peptides that carry information to the immune cells, to support a balanced immune system. PRPs are also the unique ‘secret’ ingredient in Clinicians Pepticol, a natural immune supporter that is derived from colostrum, a natural substance found in human and cow’s milk. Colostrum is rich in nutrients and compounds that build an infant’s healthy immune system. Pepticol comes in the clever form of a handy mouth spray making it ideal for travel, so I’ll be taking it with me when I leave for Fiji.
Another natural weapon to support the immune system against allergens, ills and chills is Clinicians Del-Immune V. Dairy-free, it uses probiotic cell wall fragments or proteins that act as messengers through the gastro-intestinal immune system. It also supports the immune system to respond appropriately. Del-Immune V is especially useful to support gut health, and probiotics are a great defence against eczema, so I’ve been popping these goodies too.
I’ve been on a combination of these puppies for a few weeks now and crossing fingers and toes that I’ll get results. Studies so far have proven both to be super effective, so wish me luck!


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