Saturday, September 3, 2011

Get the look: ghd for LIAM, NZFW 2011

Another of my favourite hair looks for the week at New Zealand Fashion Week 2011 was the very grown up waves created by the ghd team - Hair Director, Sara Allsop – for newly-minted label Liam. Sara says that the brief was to create a sophisticated and glamorous look that made the hair look as healthy and shiny as possible, and it definitely looked soft as silk. “We wanted the hair to move on the catwalk and bounce as the models walked,” she added, “not so much as a curl, more about that bouncy movement”. The end result was hair that you could seriously covet, and it is definitely something I’d like to try for the coming summer season.
Sara’s tips on how to get the look were:
1. Prepare the hair with ghd Heat Protect Spray and ghd Root Lift Spray
2. Create a side parting
3. Start at the bottom of the head taking horizontal sections
4. Slightly backcomb roots
5. Place ghd styler at root area and rotate your styler one full turn (180 degrees) and glide to ends
6. To complete your barrel curl, roll section of hair from ends to roots and then secure with a pin
7. Continue all of the way through to the top of the head
8. Once all the hair has cooled remove the pins
9. Brush hair well starting from underneath to give that loose, bouncy curl
10. Finish with ghd Final Fix Hairspray


  1. Argh! Sara's tips make it sound so easy but I'm just no good at doing my own hair... I think I need to befriend a stylist!!

  2. Ha ha! I find taking a look and my tools/prods etc into my stylist and getting them to show me how to do things like this really works - it's the best way to learn clever new tricks... and that's from an old dog : )

  3. You look neither old nor a dog, so all the clever tricks must be working!

  4. Did I tell you lately that I love you? Ha ha! Thank you : )