Want: M·A·C Cine-Matics Face Brushes

Okay so it would be fair to say that I’ve been obsessing about this brush set since first seeing it in the pages of Allure magazine, and won’t stop til I get my hands on it! A limited edition from those makeup masters at M.A.C, the Cine-Matics Face Brushes have so far just been available at Nordstrom from what I can ascertain, but rumour has it that they may be coming Down Under too. Travel sized versions of some of my favourite – and essential – M.A.C brushes in eye popping colours, they come in a cute grey bag that is perfect for popping in your carry on. The fabulous foursome is short-handled with technicolor bristles, and the set includes:
- 187 SE Duo Fiber Face Brush (half synthetic fibers, half natural sable hair).
- 190 SE Foundation Brush (synthetic fibers).
- 168 SE Large Angled Contour Brush (natural goat hair).
- 194 SE Concealer Brush (synthetic fibers).
- Brush bag.
Seriously WANT!


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