Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dr. Hauschka and the gentle art of relaxation

I love a good, long bath, especially when the weather turns and evenings get as rotten as they have been of late down in lil’ old New Zealand. I’ve even been known to draw a bath during the afternoon for a super indulgent treat, and love getting some beautiful candles going and added a cupful of something special to my water.
The ancient Greeks and Romans valued their spas as a sumptuous place to retire for physical and mental relaxation, with good reason. During winter a nurturing bath can work wonders, stimulating body functions, easing strains and soothing the soul. Baths are the ultimate in at home relaxation, and done well won’t leave you unpleasantly flushed and with prune-like extremities.
I’ve recently been adding a couple of capfuls of Dr.Hauschka Sage Bath to my water, which is particularly good after a day that began with a boot camp or early Pilates class. It’s part of the great organic brand’s bath range of products, which contains precious essential oils extracted from the roots, flowers and fruits of medicinal plants. The outstanding quality of the biodynamic, organic or wild-harvested ingredients included unleashes a valuable treatment to harmonise the body, spirit and soul, making for a welcome addition to a true winter-wellness care programme.
The range includes:
Rosemary Bath - warming and invigorating
The essential oil of the rosemary bush is the carrier of intensive warmth qualities. Its stimulating fragrance invigorates the senses as it warms, vitalises and refreshes the entire body, inside and out.
Spruce Bath - harmonising and warming
When winter knocks on the door with icy fingers, a bath in the essential oils and resins of spruce spreads a feeling of warmth and calmness. The fragrance relieves the respiratory tract, promotes deep breathing and warms the body, making it the perfect choice when suffering from colds or flu.
Lemon Bath - refreshing and uplifting
This refreshing bath will awaken the spirit, stimulate the body and give new vitality. Essential lemon oil revitalises the skin, and activates the elasticity of connective tissue to help reduce cellulite.
Sage Bath - nurtures and revives
Sage is especially beneficial after sports and over-exertion. A Sage foot bath is fantastic for soothing tired, itchy and burning feet.
Lavender Bath - soothing and relaxing
When used regularly Dr.Hauschka Lavender Bath can strengthen the nervous system, as the fine oil composition included unfolds a soothing effect through the body. It also helps to relax the spirit and soul to induce a restful sleep.
To locate your nearest stockist visit Dr.Hauschka’s website or call toll free 0508 423 737.

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