Friday, July 1, 2011

BioCleanse – so is this the new detox?

I love hearing news of unique and intriguing new health and wellbeing “tools”, and the latest I’ve heard of can be found in Richmond Road spa Acajou, a spot well known for both its beauty treatments and natural therapies.
Called a BioCleanse treatment, it involves immersing your feet in a basin of water for just over half an hour several times over a period of weeks, and seems almost too easy to be true! It’s not just any old basin of water however, but rather a very clever tool that harnesses the power of ionic technology. The Bio-Cleanse Technologies Field Enhancer Unit – to give its somewhat lengthy, correct name – was developed by International scientists and researchers as a therapeutic aid for revitalization and wellbeing. After ascertaining that you have no metal plates or pins in your body and have removed your watch, you simply relax in a footbath for 35 minutes with the field enhancer (pictured) activating the water your feet are in.
As the blood passes through your feet, your cells become 'charged' as it passes through the ionised water, eventually charging the whole body in the one session. The BioCleanse unit works organically, yet somewhat similar to an automobile battery charger.
So how exactly does it work? The theory behind it is that your body systems get low on energy and just like a car battery, when the charge runs down and your car won’t start; you need a jump-start. The unit produces a complex ionised energy field which stimulates the body's own natural cleansing processes at the cellular level for 48 hours following just one session. Toxins are eliminated mostly through the bowels over the next two days, when you are advised to limit alcohol and drink plenty of water to keep things moving through your system. Technically, the treatment will have increased the cell membrane voltage in your body, which improves cellular function and integrity of nutrient and water exchange, toxin release and also prevents toxins getting into the cells. This also helps improve allergy status, immune function and energy due to nutrients and minerals moving across the membrane as required. The cells also receive energy, which is used by the cell membrane to cleanse itself of toxins sitting on the outside layer. Once the cell does not need to use the energy for cleansing it may store the energy, so the more Bio-Cleanse sessions you have you will eventually start to feel more energy and fatigue after a long day will reportedly be a thing of the past! My therapist Rebekah explained to me that BioCleanse treatments benefit those suffering from all manner of ailments, including arthritis, some cancers, fungal infections and just plain old stress. The main benefit for arthritis and joint pain sufferers appears to be that negative ions absorbed during the session neutralise free radicals and pollutants within the body, enabling the body to excrete excess acids and toxins which then reduces any pain and joint problems. It’s also a great way to boost your immunity during the cooler months and in times of anxiety, and as a treatment pre-surgery to help speed up your healing time.
During my BioCleanse session Rebekah also used a spritz of Aura-Soma energetic space clearing air freshener for an added boost to my mood, and my 35 minutes was up before I knew it.
Acajou recommends a series of ten BioCleanse sessions to really reap the benefits of this intriguing technology, carried out every three or four days. Then a monthly top up is all that’s required for maintenance. I left feeling a little blinded by science but fascinated by what this innocuous looking machine can do.
This story first appeared in the fabulous Ponsonby News. You can read it online here.

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