Friday, July 8, 2011

Love it: Senna Cosmetics' HD Hydra-Cover

I was recently introduced to the Senna Cosmetics brand at a launch in Central Auckland, and was struck by the sheer size of the range along with all of its clever tools. I particularly liked the sound of their HD Hydra-Cover trio of concealers, and after wearing them daily since am pretty much in love.
Called the “Beauty Editor’s choice high tech flaw fixer”, it is the perfect, very compact answer to undereye circles and puffiness, and other evidence of too many late nights, long flights and early morning meetings.
The sleek, travel-friendly compact packs three blendable, neutral tones of concealer, each with its own particular function. High tech HD light diffusing pigments, Hyaluronic filling spheres and collagen stimulating Malachite work together to create a silky, light as air formula that uses light reflection instead of opacity to diminish flaws as it brightens skin, fills in wrinkles, and boosts skin renewal. Licorice extract is included as well to aid with firming up puffiness.
Each corrective shade has a function or two, and you can even mix a couple to customize your own shade. The peachy colour is used to cover any blueness under the eye area. It can also be mixed with the dark beige colour to cover pigmentation on the skin.
The dark beige colour is used to cover blemishes or puffiness around the eyes, and can be used for extra coverage wherever needed depending on your skin colouring.
The light beige colour is used to highlight points on your face e.g. tops of the cheekbones, jawline - anywhere you want to draw forward and draw attention to. This colour can also be used for extra coverage again depending on your skin colouring.
This concealer does not creep into lines, goes on smoothly and easily and also comes with its own rather handy little brush if you prefer to apply with that rather than warmed fingertips. I’ve been applying it before my foundation, but if you don't wear it then HD Hydracover can be used for the undereye area and over blemishes, or wherever you want a little coverage. Oh, and it comes in two shades – 01 for Fair to Light/Medium skintones and 02 for Medium to Dark. Love it!

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  1. You can use it instead of foundation, as the editor from WWD Beauty Biz does. It's definitely a new approach to flaw fixing!