Why you need: a WISH candle this winter

The weather is really cooling down at my end of the world and the nights are steadily growing longer. The novelty factor is still firmly in place though, and I’m loving the idea of a few months of hibernation with a few little tricks to make things that much cosier. One of these things is of course a tidy glass of red wine, and the other is a selection of simply gorgeous scented candles. I burn them all year round, but find that winter is so much more conducive to really enjoying them thanks to lots of drawn curtains and closed windows so the scent is at its purest. A range that I’ve just fallen in love with of late is by WISH, who have created a collection of super delicious candles hand-poured in the USA using a unique soy wax blend, cotton wicks and carefully chosen premium botanical scents. Each candle is hand-jewelled as well, meaning they look as good as they smell. Right now my office is filled with the scent of Angel – think a heavenly, dream-like floral with subtle notes of exotic tea. Delicious! Next on my “wish” list to buy (pun fully intended) is Thank You, which is a creamy vanilla with a hint of roasted chestnuts – perfect for winter or what? You need these yummy goodies in your life, and they make a beautiful gift too.
For New Zealand stockists go here.


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